comscoreMental Health Benefits of Pets

Mental Health Benefits of Pets

Steven Feldman explains the science behind the benefits of pets.
Aug 19, 2022

We know that many people with breast cancer find that pets offer comfort and companionship and help them better cope with all the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Steven Feldman joined us to talk about the mental health benefits pets can provide people with cancer, as well as things to think about if you’re considering adopting a pet.

Listen to the episode to hear Steve talk about:

  • the benefits of pets

  • how pets affect people both physiologically and psychologically

  • things to consider before adopting a pet

About the guest
Steven Feldman headshot
Steven Feldman

Steven Feldman is president of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute. An experienced public affairs advocate, Steve has worked in wildlife conservation, animal welfare, healthcare, and education.

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